Don't Get Snowed In This Winter

Don't Get Snowed In This Winter

Arrange for snow removal services in Indianapolis, IN

As a business owner, a snowstorm is more than an inconvenience. If your parking lot is covered in snow, it could prevent customers and employees from getting to your business. That's why getting professional snow removal services is so important.

If your business is in Indianapolis, IN, turn to P&L Tree Service. Using our high-quality snowplows, we'll clear your property with ease so you can resume business. We can also shovel your residential driveway. Contact us now to learn more about our residential or commercial snow removal services.

Get enough firewood to last you through winter

We've all been there - you feel a chill in your home, but when you go to start a fire you realize you're completely out of firewood. Thankfully, you can replenish your supply without going out into the cold by getting firewood delivery services with our team. We can deliver:

  • One-fourth of a face cord (one-fourth of a rick) for $40
  • One-half of a face cord (one-half of a rick) for $70
  • One face cord (one rick) for $120
  • One cord (three ricks) for $330

We can even stack your wood for $10 per rick. Please note that additional fees may occur if you'd like us to stack in bad weather or far away from your property. Get in touch with us today to set up your firewood delivery service.